An overview of the scope of the undercover political policing scandal.


Establishing the scale of surveillance of protest by the secret state is a virtually impossible task. It’s only as a result of the tenacity and bravery of activists affected by this surveillance that we know as much as we do. The announcement in 2015 of a public inquiry into these abuses has led to more information coming to light but we still only have a partial picture.

Here’s what we know so far from the perspective of the women affected by undercover officers.

We have put the key events in chronological order along our Spycops timeline.


These statistics are based on information collected by those affected and on data published by the public inquiry into undercover policing.

For the purposes of the public’s participation in the inquiry, the management and back office staff are largely irrelevant so we have not included this information here. Undercover officers are the front line and it is through their identity that we have our only real chance of members of public recognising them. There are still far too many of these officers whose fake and real identities remain secret.